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Independent TV productions US by Global Harbor Corporation introduces The Rock Studios. We proudly present our artists, filmmakers, and producers with a physical film studio incorporating the latest technologies, to facilitate the production process. With The Rock as a benchmark of rewarding, budget-conscious, and manageable production solutions, Global Harbor Corp will continue to advance the film and media industries.

Mr. Greenberg graduated cum laude from Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., in 1962, and graduated cum laude from Harvard College in 1965. He graduated from Fordham Law School in 1968 and was admitted to the New York State Bar in the same year. In 1969, he volunteered for service in the U. S. Navy where he was an attorney in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, serving in the Military Justice Division in the Office of the Navy Judge Advocate General. During his tenure, he was staff attorney on the Blue Ribbon Department of Defense Panel to Investigate Conflicts of Interest in the Military, and was Chairman of the Joint Services Working Committee on Military Justice, charged with updating the Uniform Code of Military Justice and military regulations. He was honorably discharged from active duty in 1972 as a Lieutenant in the US Naval Reserve. Between 1982 and 1985, he and his brother raised approximately $700,000,000 of financing for 17 major motion pictures, including First Blood (the original “Rambo”), Terminator, Excalibur, Easy Money, Platoon, Lone Wolf McQuade, King Solomon’s Mines, and Return of the Living Dead.

Behind the Billboards is a US-based international development company, creating and developing premium content for global audiences. We build upon an understanding of the global film and TV industries that can only be achieved through experience. We work with creatives in every global territory to help them raise their script, storytelling, packaging and production standards to a level where their content can be sold to a top tier streaming platform, studio or network. See extra information at Independent TV productions US.

?The purpose of our film studio and financing options in Europe is to identify and to create opportunities that allow the entertainment industry to excel. This process will include the provision of financing for pre-production, production, and post-production services in Europe. For filmmakers and producers to be considered for our program, we make secure financing available to projects that meet our creative and business requirements.

To maintain a strict standard of premium quality across film and television media, Behind the Billboards based in Los Angeles introduces a professional team of the best in entertainment through which a high standard of quality assessment is performed. The Global Harbor Corporation proudly presents Europe Film Studios. The innovative production company has secured the rights to produce action motion pictures. This includes favorable market investment in combination with premium pre and post production services. Read additional information at