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Top rated custom screws manufacturer: Enhanced Security: Bolts provide enhanced security in critical applications. For example, tamper-proof bolts are used in public infrastructure and high-security installations to prevent unauthorized disassembly. The ability to use locking mechanisms, such as lock nuts or thread-locking compounds, further enhances the security and reliability of bolted connections. Compatibility with High-Strength Applications: Bolts are better suited for high-strength applications due to their robust design and the ability to use high-grade materials. Grade 8 or 10.9 bolts, for example, offer exceptional tensile strength and are used in demanding environments such as automotive suspensions and heavy machinery. Discover more details at custom screw manufacturer.

Thread-cutting screws feature a cutting or forming tip that creates mating threads in the material during installation. They are used in applications where tapping or pre-drilling is not feasible, such as plastic, metal, or composite materials. Thread-cutting screws may have a pan, flat, or truss head and are available in various thread types and sizes. Sheet metal screws are designed for fastening thin metal sheets, such as roofing, siding, or ductwork. They have sharp threads and a tapered point for easy penetration into sheet metal without the need for pre-drilling. Sheet metal screws may have hex, pan, flat, or truss heads, depending on the application.

Micro Screws, also known as ‘tiny screws’ or ‘nano screws’, are a type of specialist fastener that is significantly smaller and lighter than the average precision screw. Micro Screws are available in a wide range of materials including steel, stainless steel, brass, nylon, aluminium and titanium as well as exotic materials.Micro screw for electronics are extremely important.Businesses can use micro screws to keep electronic components fastened together and working properly.In addition, micro machine screws can be used for the automotive Industry, computer technologies, telecommunications, consumer products, medical instruments, optical devices, industrial products, and much more. Want to know more, contact Chuanghe Fastener Co., ltd., we are one of the most professional micro screw manufacturers in China.

Bolts are typically defined as fasteners that require a nut to secure two or more components together. They are used with pre-drilled holes and are often accompanied by a washer to distribute the load. Bolts are designed for higher load-bearing applications and provide a strong, secure connection. Screws, on the other hand, are fasteners that create their own threads as they are driven into the material. They do not necessarily require a nut and are often used for wood, metal, or plastic assemblies. Screws are generally easier to install but might not offer the same level of strength and security as bolts.

Our production range includes CNC processing center, automatic lathing, automatic milling, wire cutting, powder metallurgy processing and assembly of precision metal parts with custom plastic parts. We produce high quality products and specialize in cold heading, threading, shaving, pointing, slotting, and grinding product to close tolerances, and we produce according to customer’s drawing requirements, which includes precision CNC metal parts, custom screws, custom nuts, washer and various precision fasteners.

Stamping parts rely on press and die to impose external force on plate, strip, pipe and profile to produce plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the required shape and size of the workpiece (stamping parts) forming processing method. Stamping and forging are both plastic processing (or pressure machining), collectively known as forging. The blanks for stamping are mainly hot and cold rolled steel plates and strips.It is a complex process that can include a number of metal forming techniques — blanking, punching, bending and piercing. See many more details at

Chicago screws, which are also known as Chicago Fasteners, Chicago Bolts, Sex Bolts, Screw Posts, Tee-Nuts and Binding Posts, take the place of the permanently sewn on thread, and allow you to swap out different belt buckles with the same leather strap (or vice versa).Due to their overwhelming versatility, Chicago Screws make a great fit for most DIY projects. These binding screws are crucial for many people in the medical, food, and entertainment industries. Originally created and used within the bookbinding industry, the adaptability and usefulness of these screws has greatly increased their popularity.